News & Musings

Studio Recital!

8/21/2016 My clarinet students from the Hastings Arts Center will be performing a short recital this afternoon to celebrate a great summer of lessons. They’ll be the first people to play on the Center’s brand new Steinway Grand! So proud of all their hard work this summer! Continue reading Studio Recital!

Magic Mountain Music Farm

6/27/2016 – 7/12/2016 I’m heading to upstate NY to work with my wonderful teacher and mentor, Burton Kaplan, at his Practice Marathon Retreat for two weeks. This will be my third summer spent at Magic Mountain Music Farm, and I’m really looking forward to two weeks of intense practice, lessons and master classes. In addition to … Continue reading Magic Mountain Music Farm

Spring Break Adventures

3/8/2016 – 3/15/2016 I am about to embark upon a really exciting spring break trip! I’ll be headed to NYC for the very first time to take a few lessons from teachers and hear the New York Philharmonic. I’ll be staying with a trumpet friend from a summer camp and a conductor friend from St. … Continue reading Spring Break Adventures